Scott Meyer Award Finalists Announced

Festival Founder Scott Meyer

The Millbrook Literary Festival is happy to announce the finalists of the inaugural Scott Meyer Award. . . Ray Fashona, Anna Geraldine Paret, and Laurie Treacy! Their short stories stood out from among the entries received. The grand prize winner will be selected from among the finalists by award-winning author Valerie Martin and announced during a special ceremony at the Festival. Please be sure to join us in the Gallery at Millbrook Library at 12:45pm on May 21.

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2 thoughts on “Scott Meyer Award Finalists Announced

  1. I am so pleased about this award in Scott’s honor! One of the finalists, Laurie Tracy, attended my novel writing seminars at Scott’s store for 3 years running. I think Laurie’s work is beautiful and full of heart. What a wonderful recognition of her talent and work at her craft and art.


  2. Congratulations to all the finalists. Ray Fashona was one of my very first editors at the former Taconic Press in Millbrook. I loved his novel “The Death of Obsession” for his finely-wrought characters and his vivid descriptions of our beautiful Hudson Valley. And I am so glad that this writing award is being given in Scott’s honor, as he was a great friend to all Hudson Valley writers and book lovers!


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